WhatsApp Contact Filter Software will Change your Business

We have 2 ways to filter WhatsApp Numbers

a) By using software

  1. Software will be installed on your pc through teamviewer/anydesk.
  2. License validity 6 months
  3. All guides will be provided on how to use it.

b) By using web panel

  • No need to install any software
  • No need to make hash channels
  • Just upload numbers on web login and file will be filtered automatically.

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Marketing is the most precious and complex task to handle nowadays. Marketers need to manage their customer’s essential documents, especially their phone numbers. There is a saying that the customer is the aim.

The modern era is the era of the internet. You can find thousands of clients at a time. To connect with them, you need all of their numbers. It is not hard when there is WhatsApp contact filter software.

WhatsApp has become a top-performing messaging app in this modern world. You will find a million users on WhatsApp. However, there is no guarantee that every client of your brand will use WhatsApp. Some may use other messaging apps also. A WhatsApp marketing tool can collect the phone numbers of all WhatsApp and non-WhatsApp users. When it is time for WhatsApp marketing campaignWhatsApp contact filters will come in the first place with a ton of exclusive features.

Why is WhatsApp Number Filter Software required for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing?

According to statistics, Facebook is the most used messaging software globally. WhatsApp is the second most used messaging software after Facebook. More than 2 billion internet users use WhatsApp all over the globe. According to 2022 data, WhatsApp is the most used in India. There are around 390.1 million active users on WhatsApp monthly. America, Brazil, South Africa, Bangladesh, and many more countries have more and more WhatsApp users. In all, about 65 billion messages are sent to WhatsApp every day. 

All these statistics show the popularity of WhatsApp, and it triggered the brand marketers to use the platform for their business marketing. As the business grows faster by targeting a larger platform instead of targeting multiple platforms, everyone in the marketing department understands this well. But the problem is there are not hundreds or thousands of numbers on WhatsApp. The number is enormous. 

So, it is clever to use the WhatsApp number filter tool to fight good marketing strategies. You can market your brand via WhatsApp using the tool. It will ease your work at a glance. Just think about the users of WhatsApp. It is impossible to administrate with one or two hands. Using WhatsApp marketing tools allows access to the WhatsApp Business API. It is the most stress-free method to proceed with your brand with a good marketing strategy.

Whatsapp Contact Filter

Importance of WhatsApp Marketing

If you have a brand, you just need to send promotional offers via any media like Gmail, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc. There are many social media channels to promote your brand. And the same people may use more than one social media application. If you can properly promote your brand on these social media channels, your brand will grow very quickly at an early stage.

But believe us, this task sucks your head. It is a task like handling many applications with a billion consumers. You will go crazy to handle this. That’s why we use WhatsApp marketing to spread basic information quickly. You can call it also conversational marketing. The following are the importance of this marketing strategy.

B2B Business

WhatsApp is an efficient platform to inform brand offers and services to business clients. 

Multimedia Boost

WhatsApp is a platform that supports text messaging and a wide range of pictures, audio, videos, and URL links. Sending exciting and catchy videos is a great way to show the brand and products. On the contrary, you can get more clicks to your website by sending essential URL links.

Cost Efficiency

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to provide services through WhatsApp Marketing.

Colored Ticks

WhatsApp has two color ticks, gray and blue. One gray tick ensures the message is sent to the server. The second gray tick ensures the data is sent to the recipient. If your recipient sees the message, the two ticks will be highlighted in blue. You can see the success of the campaign sales through the blue ticks.

Cross-Platform System

WhatsApp number filtering software helps you communicate with WhatsApp and other social messaging platforms.

Ease of Use

WhatsApp is an easy and basic application that anyone can use. It doesn’t require any practice to use this. It doesn’t also need any plug-in. Everyone from beginners to experts can use WhatsApp with ease. Besides, there are no useless ads on WhatsApp. So, users feel comfortable using it.

WhatsApp Number Filter Software You Need

Business with WhatsApp is a big deal nowadays. You will get more subscribers to your WhatsApp business app from time to time. As a result, you need to keep updated with these consumer lists and maintain promotional communication with them. Because creating engagement is crucial in the WhatsApp business. The more you can engage your users; your business will grow. 

You can consider making a WhatsApp chat group with them. But all members do not follow all these updates in the group. Even if the notification arrives, many can avoid it. Also, if there are additional messages in the WhatsApp group, some people block the group notification out of annoyance. In that case, the most clever and intelligent thing to do is to send a message to the consumer inbox. But before that, you must identify the valid and invalid WhatsApp numbers. 

Determining which number is valid, which number is on, or off, out of thousands, is almost impossible. So, we suggest using a native app to monetize the consumer list and make continuous communication to generate more revenue by using WhatsApp. These softwares are known by different names. They are called WhatsApp contact list filter software, bulk messaging software, WhatsApp marketing tool, etc. 

We have Bulk messaging WhatsApp marketing software. If you plan to use WhatsApp as a marketing channel, you must need any WhatsApp filtering software to start out promoting. Our WhatsApp marketing software will provide you the best feature and easy user-interface for sue with a handy dashboard. Our tool has some basic features for which you must try it in your business marketing.

The price of the software is never the same. They differ in their additional features based on different prices. Some software supports Windows systems, while others can be used on both mobile and Windows platforms. We provide a free or demo version for one day or one week. This is very helpful for users to make decisions.

Importance of WhatsApp Contact Filter Software

The basic task of WhatsApp number filtering software is to filter, validate numbers, and eliminate non-active numbers. And this is the primary requirement of filtering software. You have to send promotional updates and offers to grow your business. You must do this quickly and thoroughly from competitors. 

A company can never stand if the tempting offers are not delivered to the consumers in time. You do not have to send these offers to the users from door to door. WhatsApp lets you send information about your company’s products or brand or any upcoming events by texting them in their inbox. These tools use the WhatsApp Business API system. So, the messages you send will never count as spam. 

Spam Messages Are Not Supported 

Usually, spam emails or messages are the cause of our annoyance. Sometimes, these spam messages contain harmful links to our devices and personal security. That is why everyone ignores these messages. Messages sent through WhatsApp filtering software are not counted as spam, so the consumer readily accepts these messages. 

Connect to The Loyal Customers

If your company has 20 to 30 loyal customers, you can keep them updated on recent activities. When this number goes from one hundred to a thousand, can you manually send a message to each of them one by one? Maybe, in that case, you need to hire 2 to 3 extra staff to do this job. Your company will be bigger one day, and your company will reach more than 10 thousand users. 

It will be challenging to send this message at that moment. And a WhatsApp contact list filter software capable of doing this difficult task instantly. 

Generate Random WhatsApp Numbers

With the filtering software, you can reach your band to random people. Our number filtering software can generate virtual numbers, which is an excellent feature for our clients. This feature can provide you with a contact list with virtual numbers. You can identify active and non-active users in WhatsApp from that software from that list. 

You can send a message of your brand, product, service, or event via a URL link to those active random persons with just one click. This will make your WhatsApp marketing procedure more advanced. Without this software, it would take hours, days, and days to do this. But now you can do the same thing by spending 10 to 20 minutes maximum. 

Import and Export File Facilities

You can directly import the user’s contact list file to our WhatsApp marketing tool. They will automatically collect the numbers from the file and start the validation process. If the numbers are active in the given contact list, you can directly import the file and send a message. Your message will be sent to the numbers mentioned in the list without any hassle. 

Contact list filtering software has a good speed of filtering numbers. It can identify the validated numbers of active numbers from your phone or WhatsApp number library. This is a list of active numbers that you can download to your device in an excel file format. A valid index of random numbers created earlier can also export in Excel file format. 

Other Noticeable Features

WhatsApp marketing tool provides some additional features. They are the following:

  • You can send bulk messages where there is no limit to the text.
  • Files of all formats can be sent along with the text.
  • It supports audio video images and URL links.
  • It provides accurate results to filter numbers and send messages.
  • Here, you will find complete freedom of inbox customization.
  • In addition to the individual person, you can also send messages to a specific group.
  • It provides user campaign reports.
  • It also works for multiple user accounts.

Why is WhatsApp Contact Filter Software Needed?

This software is needed to make WhatsApp business marketing easier. Beginner-level businessmen are not very experts in WhatsApp marketing. So, they need a very easy and user-friendly WhatsApp number filter software that they can use with ease without any technical knowledge. 

Its reporting system and easy number filtering system will change the strategy of your business. You can analyze the communication growth of your brand with the consumers. You can set a specific schedule for delivering messages through it. This will bring your team and loyal consumer into a specific discipline that will be very useful in your business growth.

Altogether, you need WhatsApp number software to improve your brand value quickly via WhatsApp marketing.

How to Do Free WhatsApp Marketing?

You can do WhatsApp marketing free of cost if you use a free WhatsApp Free marketing Software. WhatsApp is already a free platform. It doesn’t charge you for sending messages. You just need a stable internet connection to operate WhatsApp.

You can use the free version of our WhatsApp marketing software. It is a free WhatsApp bulk sender. You can send 20 messages per minute with the help of this software. This limit is nothing compared to paid software. But as free software, the limit is enough to run a small starter business.

In addition to bulk messages, you can use it to send audio, video, photos, and other documents for free of cost.

Final Word

If you want to grow your business via WhatsApp in a cost-efficient way, you don’t find an alternative way without using WhatsApp contact filter software. Many startup companies have used number filtering software to enhance their brand value. Many starters and the big companies are also using our WhatsApp number filter software

These tools are widely used in countries like India and UK. They are easy to use. You can learn the basics of creating chatbots and templates without diving into technical details. They allow you to grow your connection with consumers quickly. You can create your own type of activity to provide your customer 24 hours support.


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