The Best Type of WhatsApp Number Filter Tool for Every Business Promoter

We have 2 ways to filter WhatsApp Numbers

a) By using software

  1. Software will be installed on your pc through teamviewer/anydesk.
  2. License validity 6 months
  3. All guides will be provided on how to use it.

b) By using web panel

  • No need to install any software
  • No need to make hash channels
  • Just upload numbers on web login and file will be filtered automatically.

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Why We Prefer WhatsApp for Business Marketing?

It is a basic question that can run through your brain. We all know that WhatsApp is owned by Facebook now. Both are two big platforms.

Let us show you a statistical result. WhatsApp is mostly used in UK and India. It is also popular in some other countries like Brazil, the United States, Bangladesh, Indonesia, etc. In 2019, WhatsApp hit 27.6 million active users in the UK.

WhatsApp was a great platform then for messaging. From then on, people started believing that WhatsApp would replace SMS. Today is 2022, and that idea is very much true now. 

WhatsApp is now a tested and primary messaging app in many countries worldwide. The main reason for this is its cost-efficiency. Messaging on WhatsApp costs less than regular SMS. In addition to messages on WhatsApp, you can exchange audio, video, photo, and various types of files. WhatsApp also has the facility to make audio and video calls. Altogether, it is a featureful messaging application.

How to Use WhatsApp for Business Marketing?

Only 7% of professional marketers use WhatsApp to promote their business. Though the user’s percentage is not huge, it has a significant advantage. Proper communication through WhatsApp helps to grow your business. WhatsApp is primarily used for messaging and communicating. If you can ensure the following methods, you can grow your brand quickly via WhatsApp. 

Arrange Contact Numbers

You are going to run a business. Many people will connect with you for business purposes. You will also get more consumers from time to time. If you can serve them well, they will be loyal customers of your brand. But to maintain these things, you must always provide all the tempting and valuable updates to the consumers quickly. 

Since WhatsApp’s communication system is based on mobile numbers, you need to arrange customers’ mobile numbers. You should use a label system like CRM. By integrating CRM, you can import all your business contacts into WhatsApp. CRM will automatically save the new customer’s contact number in your address book when a new customer arrives. 

Some brands use WhatsApp number checkers to do this job. In that case, you can also include some of these tools in CRM Integration.

Ensure Fast Response

Whether it’s an online store or an online business, ordering is done through messaging. One of the problems with online business is that customers are always in a hurry. If they ask a question, they want an answer immediately. Practically, it is challenging because a large online store receives about a hundred to a thousand messages per day. And since WhatsApp is an online platform, you have to face this problem to do business here if you are not smart.

WhatsApp can make people engage by WhatsApp direct message. You can also apply a live chatbot or non-coded chatbot to automate response. In this way, customers do not have to wait for a reply. An FAQ section can also solve this issue.

Improve Online Visibility

The last and most important way is to increase online visibility through WhatsApp. You have to make a page and WhatsApp group to ensure proper online visibility. On the business page, you will include the complete profile of the business, including address, Website link, other social media channel links, and active contact numbers. 

WhatsApp allows you to add a catalog of products to your business page. Consumers can go through the catalog and interact with you directly. Business catalogs attract customers more. If you create a catalog, customers pay attention to the catalog first and improve the conversion rate.

Benefits of WhatsApp Number Checker

The importance of the WhatsApp number checker for WhatsApp business marketing cannot be said. You will need thousands of WhatsApp user numbers to grow your business via WhatsApp. Even if you collect the WhatsApp numbers of everyone in your family friends circle, you will not collect one hundred numbers in your contact book. Here, you must need the help of technology that is called a WhatsApp number verifier. It is a number filtering tool of WhatsApp with a good speed of filtering numbers. This tool is free and paid. Of course, the paid version has many extraordinary features missing in the free version.

The primary benefits of this tool are described below-

Fast Numbering Filters

It can filter WhatsApp numbers very fast. It can access numbers from the contact book. It also permits you to create random virtual WhatsApp numbers. You will find thousands of mobile numbers within a few minutes. 

Since all these WhatsApp numbers are consistently generated by software, they contain many invalid WhatsApp numbers. You can check the active and non-active WhatsApp numbers with a single click. It ensures accurate results after every click. You can export this contact list to your device for further use. 

Just import or copy the numbers from the exported file and send a bulk message if necessary to send promotional messages. There is no limit to filtering numbers in the paid version. And if you use the free version, you have to filter a few numbers in a single click.

Supports All Document Formats

WhatsApp marketing requires bulk text as well as occasional photo or video sharing. If you have a personal or E-Commerce website, you have to send the URL link to the consumers. WhatsApp number filter tool accepts all the documentation systems. This will grow your business and also be helpful to promote your website.

Create Database

The WhatsApp marketing tools create consumer campaign reports and target clients based on your brand requirements. It will create a database automatically while sending bulk messages to the clients. You can also access the statistics result from the tool. It can create a client database automatically. But you can customize it and sort it based on clients’ first and last name, age, etc.

When you have a proper database, no one can stand in the way of your business growth.

Number Tracing

A network’s messages or phone calls can be tracked via data call records. You can trace risky email via its internet protocol data record. Email or SMS must be sent from a destination. The same rule applies to WhatsApp messages. These messages contain the source code of the destination through which it is possible to track a WhatsApp number. 

So, if you are a victim of harassment on WhatsApp, with the help of the police, you can teach that culprit a good lesson. If someone breaks the rules on WhatsApp, police trace the number and punish him. That means WhatsApp number filtering softwares are secure enough.

How Does WhatsApp Number Filter Tool Work?

WhatsApp Filter tools come from other third-party websites like us. Our Software is permitted by WhatsApp itself. The actual working process is the same whether you use genuine software or third-party software. The only difference is that you can see it in the dashboard because not all software user interfaces look the same. The software we provide a clean user-friendly dashboard. Our clients say so.

Companies cannot create the same interfaces for their software even if they want to. This disrupts the existence of the product or software. You need to follow the same procedure to use the WhatsApp marketing tools. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert. Thankfully, you don’t require any additional knowledge to manage our WhatsApp number filtering software.

Let’s start the procedure.

App Selection

You must select the WhatsApp Business version to use the WhatsApp number filter tool. It won’t work in WhatsApp personal app version. Because the marketing tools for WhatsApp is only made for business purpose.

Install Filter Software

You have to install the WhatsApp number verifier. Open the tool after installing. 

Open WhatsApp Business

Click the “Open WhatsApp” button and scan the QR code to open WhatsApp Business.

Filter Selection

Now you need to select the WhatsApp filter option from the software. You will find an integrated button to press. You have to find that and then click on it.

Input Numbers from Contact List

An interface like the one above will show on your display. Here you need to import the Excel file of the contact number list. Excel files are also called CSV sheets. Or, if you want, you can copy the numbers from the main file and paste them here.

Click Start Filtering

Now, press the Start Checking button to start the number filtering process. Some software will have start filtering, number filtering, or send button to start the contact list filtering process. Every number in the contact list will be sent to WhatsApp to filter. From the report section, you can see the active and non-active numbers. The report section will represent non-active numbers with a red border. 

You can view the report and also download the report. Press the download button if you want to download the contact list report. Done.

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