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There was a time when people used to communicate through phone calls. People did not feel very comfortable exchanging messages. They recharge their phone and make calls to others. But the time is changed. Now, people feel more comfortable texting a msg instead of a voice call while communicating.  

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing: Most Effective Way to Promote Business

You have many ways to promote your business in Malaysia. You can advertise through TV ads and make online promotions through Facebook or YouTube.

All these methods allow you to reach many people. All of them are kind of sponsored strategies you can follow. But there is a problem. You cannot communicate with customers directly through these methods. So, there is a lack of user opinions in these methods.  

WhatsApp marketing Malaysia is a solution to that problem. There are also some messenger apps worldwide, including WhatsApp. Then why is WhatsApp, not others? That is a big and tough question. Toughness does not make any sense since we are here. This discussion helps you to understand the importance of WhatsApp marketing

Let us answer a question. How many messenger apps can you name at once? Facing hard to remind, don’t worry, let us help.

The first one is the messenger. Everybody knows about it. It is really hard to find a person who doesn’t use Facebook messenger. It is the leading messenger application worldwide. But SMS marketing is not popular in Facebook messenger. 

All the online businesses on Facebook are related to Facebook pages and groups. All types of dresses, foods, or other goods are sold and promoted via Facebook page. Putting Facebook on the side, WhatsApp, Viber, Imo, Line, and many more messaging apps come to the fore. Which one you are using now, don’t forget to tell us.

Believe it or not, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application worldwide. It is the most active messaging app ever in the whole world.

According to Wikipedia, WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users worldwide, whereas Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion active users. You also notice this accuracy in Malaysia. WhatsApp is the leading communication app in Malaysia. 

Moreover, WhatsApp allows direct communication with customers that helps get a review from users directly without a third hand.

So, the owners of the company easily get the original feedback. In short, genuine feedback from a consumer is valuable for company growth. Honest feedback works far better than ten fake feedbacks. 

WhatsApp provides a user-friendly feature. It is an ad-free platform, and users feel at ease while communicating via WhatsApp than other messaging apps. WhatsApp allows you to communicate with people anywhere in the world if you have their phone number.

Do you know another important thing? Some people ask others to contact through WhatsApp if they meet via Facebook messenger, Viber, Line, or another messaging app.

So far, you understand why WhatsApp is the best If you choose SMS marketing to promote your brand.

Importance of WhatsApp Marketing in Malaysia

Marketing means the promotional activities of a company. A company publishes its goods via different marketing systems. You agree that a huge amount of success for a company depends on its marketing.

It is said that the more marketing a company has, the more publicity it has, the more sales it has. This procedure has been experimented with. You have a good product. However, that good product will be underrated for the lack of promotion. 

Promotional activities cost a lot. If you want to do marketing a single product via advertisement, it costs you huge, and most startup companies cannot afford such an expensive method.

And now, there are a lot of small businesses in Malaysia whose main target is active online consumers. The best way to communicate with online consumers directly is through WhatsApp marketing. Moreover, WhatsApp is the most used messaging app for communication in Malaysia. So, this marketing system is easy for beginners.

The importance of using WhatsApp for marketing purposes is following:

WhatsApp Links Everyone

If you call people directly, some people may interfere, or some don’t want to concentrate on your discussion. Some may also consider it a waste of time.

If you have a stable internet connection, everything is possible via WhatsApp because it is a messaging platform. It provides you instant message options with several options such as images, videos, GIFs, etc.  

It allows one-to-one texting that helps the marketer to communicate directly. You can create groups with enough details and privacy to communicate with 254 people at a time. So, users can share important facts and documents even if they are not sitting inside the office room. You can link people via WhatsApp broadcast Malaysia.

As a commercial enterprise owner, accumulate, and group consumer leads primarily based on preferences. Next, begin sending your advertising message periodically. It works in both private and withinside the office. We can proportion messages like occasion reminders or new rules to our friends, family, or colleagues.

WhatsApp Supports CRM and Chatbot

Online users have a demand which is getting complicated day by day. Consumers demand more benefits within a short time online, and it is tough to maintain. Econsultancy reported up to 79% of consumers prefer online chat, which supports example answering and multitasking. Is it easy to make a fast impression on a product? We don’t feel so.

Within 2018, many big companies like UBER,, and many other brands joined WhatsApp. So, it is important to use a chatbot system to provide a fast answer to some basic questions. In this covid-19 era, the automatic chatbot creates an important ability to digital transformation.

Thankfully, WhatsApp allows such an option for its clients and helps manage a faster engagement of consumers. 

Creating and improving real-time customer service will take effort and time. The CRM system makes all of these a little bit easy.

WhatsApp can Generate Customer Leads

Announcing different contests is a great way of promotion. Successful brands follow this rule in their every new launch. WhatsApp has already had this trend since 2017. A new company should practice it in their recent launch event.

You can declare any prize. You can apply for any kind of contest prize, big or small. It is a great idea to enlarge selling. This technique can boost your company fast.

At the end of the contest, you can generate customer leads and broadcast marketing messages accordingly. So, call two birds with one stone. For example, you can look at some tech brands like realme, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung. Brands like Nestle, Durex, The Store apply the same business strategy on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Story

WhatsApp adds a story feature that is visible for 24 hours. It is an inspired feature from Snapchat. Any event or promotional announcement can be displayed on WhatsApp story. Those who are connected with you on WhatsApp can see the event. Since it is visible for 24 hours, many people can know about it. 

How Businesses Can Get Leads through WhatsApp Marketing

For ordinary people, WhatsApp is just a messaging app. But it is more than a messaging app. Those who grow their business via WhatsApp marketing know WhatsApp is one of the best lead generation tools.

Only a handful of brands have taken advantage of the immense potential associated with WhatsApp. Still, these are the brands making a handful of money through proper WhatsApp marketing strategies.

You can be one of these handful brands if you utilize WhatsApp properly. Then you have to know how to generate leads using WhatsApp. Let’s get into the man field. Before getting into the procedure, set up the chatbot to simplify generating leads.

Using Chatbot in the Contact List

Experienced marketers always have a contact list for WhatsApp marketing. The list should also be included with the email number. This is a database that consists of all kinds of user details for marketing. All you have to do is use this list strategically to start a conversation with this possibility through WhatsApp. 

You can use this contact list strategically to start a conversation via WhatsApp. Using the WhatsApp bot is a smart way to grab consumers’ attention. It is a proven way to attract customers to your business activities. This is a great way to invite many people to WhatsApp.

Generate Leads through WhatsApp QR Code

WhatsApp QR codes can make it much easier to lead leads and convert those leads into sales. So, you must create your WhatsApp QR code.

The WhatsApp Business app provides you with facilities to make your QR code with valuable commands. The QR code needs to have the proper command to point out your possibilities in the WhatsApp bot. You have to add a picture of a product with this code. You can also add something interesting bout your company’s service to it.

The users can view your product or service directly by scanning this QR code. It will open on a new landing page. Expert marketers associate printed ads with QR codes so that prospects know about your product by WhatsApp chatbot. It also helps prospects purchase goods.

Share WhatsApp Chatbot Link Every Social Channel

WhatsApp will provide you with a link when you set up the WhatsApp bot. It is good to share the link everywhere via social media channels or personal websites. You can share it as a Facebook ad. This is possible with the help of the WhatsApp business API system. WhatsApp Business API lets you integrate WhatsApp and Facebook businesses. So, it is also easy to run Facebook ads in a WhatsApp conversion.

WhatsApp has marketing tools to send a bulk message that offers many additional features, including bulk messaging. Business is not a short-time journey.

You will gather many consumers every single day. The higher the number of consumers, the bigger your business will be. You need to send regular notices to these massive consumers. You also have to announce every new update of the company to them. Such notice announcements are only possible through bulk messages. 

If you use a WhatsApp marketing tool in Malaysia, you can send one bulk message to many users at a time. You can also mark the schedule to send a message.

This way, WhatsApp and WhatsApp marketing tool make your business marketing path much easier. We have developed a bulk messaging tool for WhatsApp.

And we know WhatsApp is the number one online communication software in Malaysia. So, you can do your business marketing through bulk WhatsApp Malaysia via our marketing software.

Final Word 

WhatsApp Business is software that allows you to handle your business on mobile and PC. WhatsApp is a beautiful advertising application.

It helps you to target your business’s relevant customers via bulk messages. The Business API system of WhatsApp is effective because it allows you to integrate your company in Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Both Facebook and WhatsApp is number one in Malaysia. Facebook is the number one social app, and WhatsApp is the number one communication app.

When you connect your business with these two platforms and utilize accurate WhatsApp marketing Malaysia, there is no way to go back. 

The great news for those who want to do business online is that people are now making their lives more dependent on online. So, it is smart to use the best online platform in Malaysia to run a company.

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