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Canada Active Whatsapp Mobile Number & Email database Leads

  1. 6 Million records available.
  2. All leads are kept in notepad & excel files
  3. Series was leads available
  4. Network wise leads available like Optus,Telstra,Vodafone Networks.
  5. Some data available with Name, Email wise also

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Most people globally know about WhatsApp. Many of them have ideas about WhatsApp marketing. It is an online-based platform primarily used for messaging. It is a part of telemarketing. Tele-marketing is a sector of business marketing. A fresh phone number database is required for telemarketing. Tele-marketing is an excellent form of modern marketing in Canada, much of which is dominated by WhatsApp.

The storm of online marketing starts when people slowly shift from offline to online business. The most effective way to present a company to the world is marketing, and the weapon of online marketing is the social media platforms. People promote online business more because the consumer can communicate directly with the owner. And this owner-to-consumer communication has become possible because of the telemarketing system.

Like other countries, it has spread a lot to Canada. If you plan to start an online business through a company, collect the Canadian phone number database from us and start. But what is the connection between telemarketing and database? Let’s start the discussion.

What is Canada Mobile Database?

A phone list refers to a huge database containing a collection of all people’s cell phone numbers in a particular location. That location can be a local area, a city or a country. Each country has a separate phone number database. Phone lists of the US and Canada will never be the same because the network providers in both countries have different codes. 

The telemarketing list Canada will increase the customer base, which will ultimately help you establish your business from anywhere in Canada. We have fresh and quality database for selling. Our team or experts will provide you with every single service.

What is Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is in simple world contacting people to inform about service and selling goods. The concept is similar to direct marketing but with the help of the internet over the telephone. In other words, telemarketing is the process of promotion and selling goods via calls. Telemarketing includes inbound and outbound calls. In telemarketing, the communication with the customer happens through telephone, internet and fax. Of these three, the most advanced technology is the Internet which is currently being used in devices like mobile computers to TVs.

The activities of telemarketing are:

Inbound Calls:  These telemarketing calls are based on an in-depth search for a product or service directed by advertising or sales effort. It is known as warm calls.

Outbound Calls: The brand reaches out to the customers via outbound calls.

Lead Generation: Lead Generation indicates the collection of various information that are related to potential customers’ profiles or demographic data.

Sales: The main purpose of all marketing is promotion or selling. In telemarketing, salesman and telemarketers are trained to deal with sales through phone calls. 

How WhatsApp Becomes the Modern Version of Telemarketing?

The question is exactly right. WhatsApp has now become the modern version of telemarketing. Telemarketing is mainly about sales and promotion through phone calls. However, this promotional system was not so simple. With the advent of messaging and calling apps on the Internet, people became more and more accustomed to those applications. As a result, text-based communication is becoming more prevalent than call-based communication. Consumers and telemarketers are slowly shifting to text-based communication for the benefit of consumers. 

Telemarketing Industry in Canada

Tele-marketing industry in Canada is very big. You can see how big this industry is by looking at the revenue. The market revenue is 1.6B dollars in 2022. However, it is declined 3.2% before the previous year, 1.6B dollars, man! The market size is really big. According to a 2019 report, 30 percent of Canadians use WhatsApp. And according to research by Toronto-based Solutions Research Group, 84% of new Canadian users joined WhatsApp in 2019. 

So, it is clear that this industry has much power in Canada. In 2022, WhatsApp is associated with Meta, which we know as the second name of Facebook. And Canadians use Facebook the most of all messaging applications. So, in the tide of Facebook, WhatsApp will grow faster in Canada. 

Focusing on the privacy offered by the Meta app’s encryption, WhatsApp’s first Canadian marketing push is starting. WhatsApp’s privacy ad will soon be spread across the country’s billboards and online. This means that the WhatsApp marketing industry will undergo a significant transformation in Canada.

Benefits of Telemarketing in Canada

Telemarketing is mainly used for brand promotion over the phone. It requires a stable internet connection. If you want to promote a company in Canada, you must have this list. Otherwise, it will be too tough to promote the business via texting or calling communication. Marketing through television advertising does not include telemarketing. So, we will keep the marketing advertising on the side. The primary advantage of telemarketing is given below:


The cost of telemarketing is meager. Since this system is internet-based, the paramount price is for internet service. Hiring a freelancer with a separate marketer is part of the hired business. Whether telemarketing or advertisement marketing, you have to cover that cost. Since big business companies do a lot of marketing, they are somehow separate marketing agencies. 

Communication Effective

In telemarketing, you can communicate directly with consumers. You can know the consumers’ preferences instantly and be aware of their needs. You can find out by discussing the details of what kind of service or goods a consumer needs what price they expect for each product. You can easily reach more customers in person or go from house to house over the phone. Telemarketing lets you sell remotely and expand your sales area. You can reach people nationally and globally, not just locally from Canada.

There are also some other advantages of telemarketing systems, such as

  • Easy to explain technical issues.
  • Great interactive and sale service for customers.
  • Easy to sell both existing and new customers.
  • Achieve measurable results fast.

Why Canadian Cell Phone Database Needed?

According to statistics, Facebook is the most used messaging software globally. WhatsApp is the second most used messaging software after Facebook. More than 2 billion internet users use WhatsApp all over the globe. According to 2022 data, WhatsApp is the most used in India. America, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Bangladesh, and many more countries have more and more WhatsApp users. In all, about 65 billion messages are sent to WhatsApp every day. 

Since we prefer WhatsApp as a modern telemarketing messaging app, the growth of the online business via WhatsApp could be unstoppable. Already it is triggering the marketers to use the platform for their business marketing. As the company grows faster by targeting a larger platform instead of targeting multiple platforms, everyone in the marketing department understands this well. 

So, the statistic shows something massive. If you want to go through this passive path, you need Canada’s telemarketing list. In this list, you will find a database of all the Canadian people if they use a smartphone. For WhatsApp and telemarketing, a database is crucial. 

A database contains information that will help you find your business-related target audience in a short time inside. Since telemarketing is a marketing system of calling and messaging, you need active Canadian phone number database. We provide genuine Canadian database contains phone numbers and names, addresses, email numbers and some additional info. Then you will get the targeted Canadian Consumer and do business activities with them following telemarketing strategy.

B2C VS B2B Telemarketing

B2B and B2C are the two types of telemarketing. There are other types, but these two are the most popular. B2C stands for Business to customer. Here the business goes directly to the customer with goods. As a result, the customer can interconnect directly with the company, which is good for both company and consumer. Consumers benefit the most from this method of telemarketing. 

B2B seems tough to compare to B2C. B2B telemarketing is when a company offers goods to a business. It is crucial to recognize who you name and why you ought to be prepared. There are not many guidelines with telemarketing B2B calls, but there is something to be aware of.

Mobile Database

How to Get Fresh Canada Mobile Database?

Are you Looking for Fresh Canada Mobile number database? You are exactly on the right place. We sell quality databases. It is straightforward to purchase a phone number database from us. You have to order the phone number database from the site with payment. We will contact you via mail or WhatsApp and give you the database. It is not an easy task to find an authentic and quality database. Canadian phone number database is a list of genuine phone numbers used by Canadians that contain accurate data. The database includes the cell phone number, including consumer names, cities and zip codes. It takes us a lot of research to make such a database record.

It is very unlikely that all the numbers in a mobile number database will be active. 90 to 95 percent of the numbers on the list will work just fine. And not everyone can provide a top-level database with the same or a lot of information. That’s why the price of our database varies cost. We provide databases in the form of different packages. One package contains a record number of databases. If you plan to do mass marketing via cold call or bulk SMS, listing Canadian customer cell phones database should be your first choice. We always ensure fresh and quality data for our clients.

Canada Telemarketing List Buying Short Guide

  • Ensure authentic and organized data.
  • The database should create enough engaging for your business.
  • Check the database is fresh or not.
  • Test Quality Canadian database from providers.
  • WhatsApp numbers that can target possible campaign users.
  • Database from different regions of Canada. 
  • Consider CSV or Excel Sheet files. 
  • Minimum 90% active and usable phone numbers.

You will surely get a quality mobile number database if you can confirm the above terms. We will ensure every term above our service and we will check each term step by step if you want.

Final Word 

Customers can quickly learn about any business brand through SMS and telemarketing campaign services. By getting a fresh database of Canadian consumers suitable for your WhatsApp marketing campaign and cold calling, your audience will start to be curious about your business. WhatsApp marketing with our extensive quality database helps you make a big jump in your business journey.

Choose us for WhatsApp marketing services because it’s hard to believe in this digital world for satisfactory services. Our team has previous service experience. we have Canada mobile number database from low-cost to high-cost. If you want to purchase our database, you can check the free demo first.

You can also create a custom database by yourself. But remember the advice we have given to purchase a database, never rush. The business relies heavily on this genuine quality database and marketing.

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