Here’s The Secret Sauce for Success in Phone Number Lists Canada

Canada Active WhatsApp Mobile Numbers & Email database Records

  1. 6 Million leads available.
  2. All leads are available in notepad & excel files
  3. Series was leads available
  4. Network wise leads like Optus,Telstra,Vodafone Networks can be provided.
  5. Some data is ready with Name, Email wise also

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The database is one of the most critical assets of a country. It is a part of social security and connected with economics. Social or national security is understandable, but economics is connected? When it comes to the term telemarketing, a mobile number database is a crucial thing that can grow a business.

When the business grows, the country economics will grow. It is that simple to say. 

Telemarketing, including WhatsApp marketing, is also connected to the fresh database. Both of them are marketing over the internet through mobile phones. In Canada, there are many telemarketing businesses. Besides telemarketing, WhatsApp marketing has become more popular here. Since WhatsApp is used worldwide and is the most relevant messaging and calling app, marketers target their audience for telemarketing or WhatsApp business

In Canada, a mobile number database is considered as gold of business. When a startup company has a quality database, it will grow faster than other companies. The faster the company grows, it will earn more profit. Since Canada’s fresh mobile number database is the source of fast business profit, you can count it gold.

Why Should We Choose WhatsApp Marketing in Canada?

WhatsApp is a social media channel like Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter. We know the power of a social media channel when it comes to decision making, discussing, generating ideas, talking to people worldwide, learning, brand promoting, marketing, etc. There are billions of active users over the internet, and a massive part of them are using social media channels simultaneously.

You might hear people talk about, “Internet makes our life better and fast”. That line is not entirely true. Besides the internet, social media channels are the secondary innovation that makes our lives good and fast. You cannot count the social media users over the internet throughout the world. Users are not the main target of online business or telemarketing. Companies require active users, and its number is unbelievable.

Facebook has 1650 million monthly active users. No doubt, you can market there through the internet. Linkedin and Twitter are professional’s social media channels. They have 100 million and 310 million active monthly users, respectively, but growing business through these two channels is not a good decision. They are mainly used for discussing and skill sharing. You can count on them, but they could not be the primary choice for marketing.  

Phone Number Database

Email Marketing vs WhatsApp Marketing

Email marketing was a helpful marketing strategy to promote brands, but it was before the growth of WhatsApp. You can avoid the importance of email, nor we, nor anyone. Most brands send their ideas, data, applications through it. Even students send their papers through email. Email is not an easy way to send them, but also the safest way. But on one side, email cannot beat WhatsApp speed. You send data, messages, files or photos; WhatsApp processes faster than email.

Email can send data fast but not more than WhatsApp. Moreover, SMS text is more reliable than email. You send a mail; then the receiver will check his email, open it, read it and reply. You have to go through the same process to see the reply of the sent mail. How much time does it need? You calculate, but it won’t take less than 30 seconds anymore. Yeah, WhatsApp text messaging system is fast like this. The speed measure of the engaging rate is also crucial since business marketing is proportional to the engaging rate. 

Let’s help you to consider an open rate. What would you take? 35% to 45%? The rate is massive for business marketing, but it is not accurate. We consider an accurate engaging rate above 90%. Then if the open rate is almost 98%, what would you say? We don’t want to surprise you; it is a fact, and it is the difference between email marketing and WhatsApp marketing. The average open rate of WhatsApp SMS is 98%, and that’s why WhatsApp has become the most engaging online marketing channel in the world.

It is more surprising to see that WhatsApp grows faster than Facebook. Recently, Facebook users got down in 2022, which is shocking. From the beginning of the Facebook industry, this is the first time happen such a downfall. But WhatsApp is unstoppable; it is growing and growing. The tech world is talking about the downfall of Facebook. But the smarts are thinking about an alternative which can be WhatsApp.

Email is a box of ads. If you are looking for valuable mail, you need to find it through several unnecessary emails. WhatsApp is a reliable option in this case. It is an entirely ad-free platform. The designers of WhatsApp hate ads. No need to say; it is a free service to keep marketers out.

So, if you are thinking of marketing through email, we suggest going through WhatsApp marketing in Canada.

Fresh CA Mobile Database

We need a fresh mobile number database for SMS marketing. If you plan to promote your company in Canada via text messaging or telemarketing or WhatsApp marketing, you need fresh, and quality leads for running your campaigns. Simply say, the database is fundamental to growing your brand. It is not enough to reach more people to promote brands. You must inform active online users if you want to grow your business. 

Consider Facebook as an example. Suppose you have a couple of friends on Facebook. Most of them are unknown to you. It is not possible to be connected with thousands of friends. So, you cannot be very sure that each Facebook friend is active. You start a startup eCommerce site. You want to target Facebook friends, but after a couple of weeks, you have found most of them are not active on Facebook. How do you feel?

All your efforts will go in vain. On the contrary, if you have a list of active Facebook users, you can easily communicate with them and promote your service. We have updated CA mobile database that will provide you with such information to make an effortless promotion. It consists of all necessary information of a user in Canada, including name, mobile number, address and other essential details. It will allow you to quickly find your target audience and a database of active users throughout Canada.

How Phone Number Lists Canada Helps You in Business?

From a client’s point of view, holding Canadian phone numbers in different countries is one of the best tools for promoting business products and services. It is a read-only database. It is delivered through a text file or sheet or excels file format. Clients can edit the data of the file. He can also add his customized database. 

It consists of updated and up-to-date Canada phone numbers for direct access to target clients. The sheet consists of multiple columns, including name, telephone number, mobile number, email, address. We provide a database with some additional information about the users. It can help you improve your SMS marketing campaigns, telemarketing, WhatsApp marketing and cold calling to market your products and services.

With the help of our updated database, the client can communicate multiple active users at a glance. The needs of a user can be determined from the database. This allows the client to quickly identify its business relevant users. The client understands that promoting the brand to which user will benefit him. It makes the way of developing company aggressive. Our clients can easily access his prospective customers in different areas of Canada.

So, always try to immediately get the providers who provide an updated number list for client access.

How Does Canada Fresh Mobile Number Database Costs?

A quality database of Canada will cost you one-time only. If you search for providers who provide updated phone number lists in Canada, you will find many options over the internet. We have updated Canada phone number database created by our expert marketers. Since it is a database of the whole country, you may notice slight differences between the data packages. 

After much research, we have made three types of plans for the mobile database. 

Free: The first package is entirely free, and you don’t need to spend any money. We open this option to win the client’s trust. This is an excellent option for those who are worried about duplicate or actual databases. They can check our free demo of the database. It allows our client to check the database before purchasing.

Custom Package: Our demand for each database is very simple. Some companies require an immense database, whether some require a minimum package. Moreover, a startup company cannot afford 5 to 10 hundred dollars for a database package at the beginning. That’s why we tailored this custom package to the demands of the users. So, this package has no fixed rate. But it is hard to find a custom package under 100$. Contact us for better inquiry.

Complete User Record: This is the most expensive database record. The package starts from 500$ to 600$ and ends at 10000$. The package is a fully one-time package, and it remains up-to-date like a custom package. This max database includes millions of Canadian mobile numbers in a single sheet. Since it is the maximum package, you will get additional gifts like bulk messaging software or an occasional discount. 

Notice: Before paying for a Canada mobile number database, we ensure you can download the database sheet instantly. 

When Do You Get an Updated Mobile Phone Number list Canada?

Our database of the mobile phone number in Canada is updated every month. It is not possible to update the data regularly. Since the database consists of a huge record, some numbers might not work. That’s why we never claim the database to be one hundred percent accurate. Our team update the database at specific times of the month. 

If you want to purchase a quality database, contact us and ask about updating the phone number. If our support team inform the date of updating, you can buy their updated database on that date. We mostly try to update databases usually between the first 1 and 10 days of a month. Our support team will provide all essential information during purchasing.

Does Phone Number Lists Canada Have Permission to Sell?

Everyone cannot sell the phone number database of a country. It requires permission to sell, and it should be GDRP ready. You must be aware of this information. If you buy the sheet from the wrong hand, you may face problems in the near future. We have permission to sell it and it is GDRP ready.

Is the CA Mobile Number Database CRM Usable?

CRM is a variety of e-commerce platforms where different products are bought and sold online. A mobile number database is always CRM usable because it sells goods and promotes products. And the easiest way to know the details of products and purchase them is through the e-commerce website. 

Final Word

Those who can afford a quality database should not wait to buy it. SMS marketing is viral, and since WhatsApp has a 98% engagement rate, the businessman should not look for another way without a mobile number database. Collect Canada fresh mobile number database to start your business journey. We assure you a great result is waiting for you.

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