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We have 10 Million UK Active WhatsApp Numbers Database

  1. All leads are separated in notepad & excel files
  2. Series was leads available
  3. Network wise leads available like EE, O2, Vodafone,Three Networks.
  4. Some data available with name,city,gender wise also

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The United Kingdom is one of the biggest developed countries in the World. The business strategy of developed countries like the United States and the United Kingdom is entirely at a different level. A big company in the UK uses every possible marketing strategy to grow its business. They have developed technology and far better training than mid-developed countries. So, you can use the UK Fresh Mobile Number Database for many purposes. 

Here is the twist; Telemarketing and WhatsApp marketing can be managed efficiently by utilizing the database. How much do people in the United Kingdom know about the WhatsApp business? See! You get the main point. WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business are two different applications and have two different users. So, don’t mix them. Many people in the UK use WhatsApp, but the number of people who know about the WhatsApp business is very small. 

UK people know about telemarketing. Many businesses do it already. But WhatsApp marketing is more beneficial than telemarketing, and both of the systems require a mobile number database UK. Let’s make the concept clear, and you will get the importance of the WhatsApp mobile number database UK.

Planning for Telemarketing in the UK

Telemarketing is a process of selling products and providing services to gather information for business purposes. It is done over the telephone. You need a mobile phone and a stable internet connection for telemarketing. Telemarketing is free, but not everyone can do it. There are specific privacy rules for telemarketing that can vary country-wise. It is a widely used strategy for business. You can save both money and sufficient time by telemarketing. Telemarketing proves to be very useful when customers are in a hard place to reach.

We provide telemarketing services worldwide. Our service includes telemarketing lists in the UK. We have special service team also to do telemarketing for your company. If you do not have a good idea about telemarketing, it would be wise to choose our telemarketing team. Our expert telemarketing team has a lot of knowledge related to telemarketing, such as IT telemarketing, conference telemarketing, etc. 

Telemarketing can help you promote your products or services, build your customer database, create leads and appointments, keep in touch with existing customers, or create new ones. Since it is an internet-based medium, it is easy to operate. Let us help you plan before utilizing the telemarketing list UK.

Decide the Place  

You can carry out telemarketing from the house or contract service for providing an expert team. If you have a team already, you can also carry out everything from your office. So, there are three possibilities. It is the first decision of your planning, and you must decide.

Selecting the Target Audience

Target a kind of audience based on your product and service. You can choose a keyword to do this job. That keyword must represent your aim, brand, product, and services. Also, check your product-based targeted market. This part of planning is very crucial. If you fail to check your aim, you cannot correctly use the UK mobile number database.

Keep the Telemarketing List Updated

90% to 95% numbers will be correct when you purchase a mobile number database. From time to time, the number of these active numbers may decrease after a month or two. So, you have to make a list updated continuously. Moreover, many audiences may have to be excluded from that list. You cannot include individuals that have opted out of receiving unwanted sales and marketing calls. Doing so would go against the privacy of telemarketing. So, keeping these aspects in mind, you should always keep the telemarketing list updated.

Salary for Telemarketing Staffs

We have already said that if you have less idea about telemarketing, you must hire a telemarketing team. These staff will be paid monthly or yearly, depending entirely on you. Before hiring telemarketing staff, be sure to talk to them about salary.

Identify Proper Customer

Make sure that your telemarketing team can find key persons for your brand. It enhances the chance of making more sales.

Create a Simple Professional Script

In telemarketing, you will always encounter some basic questions from the users. These questions are so natural that you can guess. So, you can make a short script for this. Having a simple, professional script helps you answer these frequent asking questions effectively.

You must make this planning before you start telemarketing. If you want to do telemarketing yourself, you can change a little bit in the planning. Overall, telemarketing planning will help you a lot when in the field. 

Some folks think about Automated telemarketing because it is an inexpensive version of telemarketing. Is that work like expensive telemarketing? Let’s find out. 

IVR Telemarketing UK

IVR stands for Interactive Voice response. Automated telemarketing works on IVR. Allow your clients to communicate with essential databases without the need for agent intervention. It can process a considerable number of telemarketing calls effectively, and think what; it is not expensive as a regular telemarketing system. A computer program is given an extensive list of contacts, which it automatically dials, providing a recorded message. Lenders credit card companies are the most common user of IVR telemarketing. These companies inside the UK also use automated telemarketing systems. 

Automatic telemarketing offers a lot of benefits.

  • It allows the customer to receive critical information without agent interference.
  • It provides high profitable inbound and outbound calls.
  • IVR system doesn’t require a paid staff. 
  • IVR technology can be used in help desks, surveys, and different wide range of situations.
  • It helps the consumer to find a store or office.
  • If there is nobody to answer a phone call, the automated telemarketing system comes in handy.

Like telemarketing in the United Kingdom, automated telemarketing also has specific rules. Any UK company will be able to implement automated telemarketing following this rule.

You can maintain telemarketing and WhatsApp marketing with a single mobile number database. If you use that database for telemarketing, it will count as a telemarketing list. Using that database for brand promotion through WhatsApp will count as a WhatsApp marketing database. Whatever you do, you will get the same benefit in return. 

You need to know here that in the telemarketing list, user data is created based only on mobile numbers. Numbers must be active. Inactive numbers will not work. One thing to note here is that not all mobile users will use WhatsApp on the Internet. There are different messenger platforms like WhatsApp. Viber, Line, Skype are also used by many users. Moreover, many people manage their own business by creating pages and groups on Facebook and Instagram. 

From this point of view, there must be some difference in the marketing database created by the WhatsApp number database. We are simple people, brother; we love simple things. Although this depends entirely on the budget, it can be said that the number of mobile numbers in the telemarketing list will be more than the WhatsApp marketing database. 

There are separate databases for WhatsApp marketing and telemarketing. WhatsApp marketing can be done with a database in telemarketing. Still, it will take more time to find active users in WhatsApp here. And when it comes to telemarketing with the WhatsApp Marketing Database, you may not be able to reach some of the most important consumers. The calculation might seem complicated, but it is not complicated in the UK. Half of the Internet users in the UK use WhatsApp. So, if you create a telemarketing list in the United Kingdom, you will find lots of WhatsApp users there. 

The best way to do this is to create a quality database that allows you to do all kinds of marketing together. Nowadays, people buy more of such all-in-one mobile number databases, and service providers sell in such databases.

Start WhatsApp Marketing with Mobile Number Database UK

Any brand can make a successful business profile in WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business app allows you to make a dedicated profile with every possible detail. This is superior to the standard WhatsApp Messenger because a verification process shows users that you have verified and that you are actually a legitimate business. It also allows using multiple marketing tools of WhatsApp for bulk messaging. With the help of the WhatsApp number database, you can run your marketing and reach your brand to many customers throughout the UK.

WhatsApp Business Marketing tool can handle Mobile Number Database well. It is easy to send a bulk message using marketing software to multiple users at a time. With these paid WhatsApp tools, you can reach a lot of consumers very quickly. The tools help you to find a business-relevant audience from the database. Our WhatsApp marketing software is straightforward to use. Just copy the database to the software or import the database file. It will give a report of active and non-active numbers. You can send a bulk message using It with one click. 

WhatsApp business is run with WhatsApp business API. The API also works in our marketing tool. So, you can connect WhatsApp with Facebook, and that software can handle multiple social channels. You can use multiple accounts with a single tool. This system is useful when you connect consumers from other platforms to WhatsApp. Users can be sent directly to your WhatsApp business profile from Facebook ads and page posts. You can also see cross-reference traffic analysis between your Facebook page and WhatsApp profile where there is room for improvement.

How to Make a Fresh and Active Phone Number Database

Suppose you are a starter and not willing to buy a phone number database from service providers. In that case, we teach you to make a quality database for business marketing. 

Build a Personal Website

When you start a business, first create a small website for your company. Add profile form and ensure sign up for every visitor. Create a built-in survey for them to collect necessary data for your business. It helps you list up data and send a message about your company’s next event or new service.

Generate Competition

You will face many competitors. You have to make a head-to-head competition to get a profitable result. If you generate something more exciting or engaging than the competitors, you can collect many consumers’ data soon. Competitive prices with exciting discounts attract consumers’ fats. Just add a form or survey with the service. Many people fill up that form for the sake of the discounted product. It is an intelligent way to collect databases.

Organize Daily or Weekly Polls

We’ve seen various YouTube videos put up daily polls where many people vote. You can create a poll section on your website. You can also arrange polls every day on WhatsApp business. This amazing feature is inspired by Twitter, and many platforms nowadays add it.

Add an Offer for Signing Up

Add something like this, “Sign up now and buy one get one free” on your website. It is a kind of psychological game. Even if you try to take advantage of such offers, why are they not ordinary people?

Can I get UK Phone Number Database for Free?

There are some websites in the USA to auto-generate mobile numbers. Some numbers can be generated for free from the websites. Although not very effective, WhatsApp helps in marketing or telemarketing in some cases. You can try those websites to get a free UK phone number. Most of the time, the numbers in this free database are not active, and the numbers do not last long. You should avoid thinking of sing free database to run the business properly.

Final Word

The importance of a quality mobile number database UK cannot be described in a word. A quality database will always help you to reach the targeted consumer. If you provide better service, you will get lots of customers first.

We have also discussed an easy way to create a customer database here. In conclusion, we want to say that WhatsApp Business is an ideal tool for reaching out to the audience, promoting brands or products, and communicating with the public. And the most important thing, it is free. Follow the right path without looking for a shortcut way. WhatsApp has a great future in the UK.

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